Spacemen, as it is now, is a sand-box 4X game placed in a procedural persistent universe.

All the parameters used for those generating algorithms can be changed. But not only that, all the content inside the game is scripted in text format, easy to understand and to modify. The content can be pre-generated like planet templates, faction templates or procedural generated like NPC pilots, ship types, ship components, weapons, sectors with suns, planets, asteroids and so on.

No matter if it is pre-generated or not, this content is saved for persistence on your hard-disk and available for change through a simple text editor or trough the built-in editor. Additionally there are two more graphic editors. (1) The model editor, which allows the player to add/modify assets like ships, stations and buildings and also to change hard-points (mounts) position, number, model textures and so on. (2) The sector editor allows changes of sector components, both solar (sun, planets) and scene (stations, buildings).

This allows each player or sever host to change the way the universe is generated or even to create pre-generated universes to match any theme. All you need is to create the assets and script the universe. Your imagination is the limit and your journey will be seamless!