ATTENTION! This software is tested on Windows 64bit ONLY!!!

Spacemen is in the alpha stage with plenty of bugs and misses. Below you can find the download links.
There is no manual at the moment but there will be in the next releases. Meanwhile you can find info here: 

What you are downloading is an alpha demo, but there is nothing removed in the demo except a 15 days limit.
If your license expires, just delete the [USERHOME]/Spacemen folder and you can play on, for another 15 days, losing only the generated universe.
Please note that this is an ALPHA sandbox demo edition therefor you may encounter bugs or misses.
If you want to extend the period beyond the 15 days without deleting your data or for any other issue, please contact us for a free open alpha license.
Please note you need Java in order to run this application! (Embedded starting 1.1x)

For download please use the following links:

Download Spacemen