Although Spacemen generates all the factions procedurally, each faction is generated based on a template, that defines the behaviour and how the faction's assets will look like. Here is the list of the templates implemented so far:

  Anarchy Tyranny Monarchy Oligarchy Polyarchy Technocracy Misc
Light Fighter Sting Suzume Stingray Scowerer Juno
Medium Fighter Ripper Kogeki Piranha Revenge Vesta
Heavy Fighter SoulRipper Scarab Jishin Barracuda Savage Ceres
Transport Heat Titanus Shibo Lionfish Skytrain Pallas Drone
Carrier Leviathan Azuma Marriner Whydah Nemesis

HQ AnarchyHive TyrannyNexus MonarchyTemple OligarchyTradePort PolyarchySpacePort TechnocracyAcademy SpaceStation
Shipyard TyrannyShipyard MonarchyShipyard OligarchyShipyard PolyarchyShipyard TechnocracyShipyard
Barracks TyrannyBarracks MonarchyBarracks OligarchyBarracks PolyarchyBarracks TechnocracyBarracks
Space Factory TyrannyFactorySpace MonarchyFactorySpace OligarchyFactorySpace PolyarchyFactorySpace TechnocracyFactorySpace
Land Factory TyrannyFactoryLand MonarchyFactoryLand OligarchyFactoryLand PolyarchyFactoryLand TechnocracyFactoryLand
Space Mining TyrannyMinerSpace MonarchyMinerSpace OligarchyMinerSpace PolyarchyMinerSpace TechnocracyMinerSpace
Land Mining TyrannyMinerLand MonarchyMinerLand OligarchyMinerLand PolyarchyMinerLand TechnocracyMinerLand
Gate Gate