Spacemen, as it is now, is a sand-box 4X game placed in a procedural persistent universe.

Each sector, once it has been generated, will persist in time, meaning it will contain the same sun, planets, nebula and asteroids each time is visited. If the sector is populated, the AI controlled factions will develop, create stations and buildings, deploy carriers and of course spaceships will trade and fight depending on resources and political situation.

The activity in the sector is also simulated, triggered by each visit. Economic, military, social and science developments will occur even if there are no players in the sector. Those changes will also persist in time.

War of course can lead to buildings, stations and capital ships to be destroyed so the scenery in a given sector will change in time. All actions in the universe, military or development, will have permanent effects so if the player chooses to help or fight a certain faction or even expand in a faction territory, those chain effects will be also permanent and will affect the player standing.

Please note that all the content, pre-generated or not is modable, via a simple text editor or the built-in editor.