Spacemen, as it is now, is a sand-box 4X game placed in a procedural persistent universe.

The universe itself is vast and has virtually no limit, but this is not all. One interesting feature of Spacemen is that it has no loading screens, no inside or separate cells. When you are docked with a station you can actually see the surroundings in real time, rotate your view and scout before undocking. Same goes for carriers, but even more, these having their own AI that is dictating the behavior, you can dock in one area of the sector and undock in a completely other one.

Landing any planet is possible and the transition from space to the planet surface is seamless. No "please wait", no un-natural change in scenery, just the glowing-hot hull of your ship if you enter the atmosphere too fast! Even deeper, liquid oceans are accessible so you can go from the desert moon to the bottom of the ocean in one go.

The only moment when you have a sudden change in the scenery is when you use the jump gates, but I think you can settle with that.